Zenia Boulevard Shopping Center


The Zenia Boulevard is a popular destination for young people and adults, as well as the whole family. You can easily spend the afternoon here without even realizing when time passes by. The biggest and nicest shopping mall, the Zenia Boulevard, opened its doors on September 26th, 2012. It is located in the Alicante province and is not far from the beach in la Zenia.

You can get easily get there by car from the AP7 or the N332. The Zenia Boulevard offers a wide variety of options of restaurants and shops. Under the open sky, you can go to wonderful stores, such as jewelry shops, shoe stores, boutiques and a big supermarket (Alcampo). With a fantastic view, you can also enjoy some delicious tapas with a glass of wine in any of the numerous restaurants, while your car stays in the big parking lot downstairs for free. If you want, you can also let your car shine while you are shopping. Cleaning it outside and inside costs about €20 and this service is available until 9 pm.

With a total surface of 161.00 m2 and with 150 stores, the shopping center counts with a large selection, so that you can easily spend three or four hours here without even noticing it. Moreover, for the enjoyment of the little ones, this place has a playing area and other fantastic attractions, such as fairground rides, pinball and a 5D cinema. There are many activities that are available during the entire year. A third of the second floor represents a paradise for children because of all its attractions. In addition, different events and concerts regularly take place here in the Zenia Boulevard at night time. Decisive football matches are broadcasted in a big LED screen in the main square (Plaza Mayor). The atmosphere is unique and lots of people come and. The opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 10am to 10 pm, and in the peak season, during summer, it is open until 11pm. The Zenia Boulevard is the perfect place to shop, eat, or have fun and relax with the children.

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