La Albufera


The lake La Albufera is one kilometer away from the town of Anna. In the early days, this lake was a water reservoir for the nearby estates, but nowadays it is a beautiful destination. The lake is 300 meters long and 180 meters wide, and is surrounded by pines, willows, banana trees, many seats and wonderful viewpoints. This place is ideal to have a picnic or just to have a walk around the lake. There are also two restaurants and three bars, which are a good option for having a delicious meal, a coffee or a cake in the middle of beautiful nature.


You can see geese, herons and ducks nests on a little island that is located in the middle of the lake. There are also lots of carps, catfish and gold fish in the same lake. Through the willows, it is possible to take boat trip on the lake. A path leads around the different pines and banana trees which surround the lake. Children can have their own playground there or in the swimming pool, but it only opens from the end of June until the first weekend of September.


Albufera is a popular touristic destination because of its wonderful campsite located 50 meters away from the lake and available for 50 pitches. The municipal campsite is opened the entire year. Campers enjoy using the swimming pool for free, as well as having direct access to the lake.

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